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Champagne Sparkling Dog, cafe "Laflafel" and "Peony", beer bar "Varka", The Bagel Bar coffee shop

Cafe "Laflafel"

Mr. Food Delivery Project Laflafel by the end of April opens its own cafe Laflafel. The institution will be located on the ground floor of the Center for Creative Initiatives "Perspective" at the metro station "Chistye Prudy".

A new cafe will open in a small hall for 12 guests. The founders made the furniture for the institution themselves. The menu "Laflafel" - familiar to users of the service dishes of Indian and Israeli cuisine.

For example, for breakfast they offer toasts with mushroom paste and radish chutney for 150 rubles, for lunch - tali (curry vegetables, rice, lentil stew, chutney, pickles, papadas and a flat cake) for 350 rubles, hummus with a flat cake, salad and pickles for 270 rubles, as well as any soup of the day for 150 rubles. The average bill will be 400-500 rubles.

The menu also has cupcakes for the Mon Petit Ami patisserie. And in the summer you can buy takeaway food for picnics. In addition, the owners of the establishment promise to bring every month for Mr. Laflafel coffee beans from different countries.

Beer Bar "Varka"

A bar with craft beer called Varka opened next to the Taganskaya metro station. The owners are former managing managers of the Turandot restaurant Alexander Kazmin and Sergey Evgrafov.

The bar room accommodates up to 70 guests. There is no kitchen here yet; they plan to open it closer to summer. Therefore, only small snacks are offered for beer - for example, fish snacks, smoked sausages and cheese, as well as nachos and biscuits.

As for beer, in the future only Russian craft is planned to be poured in the bar. In the meantime, in taps, in addition to 20 varieties of domestic beer, there is Norwegian - Nogne IPA and Nogne Porter. From the bottle - domestic Victory Art Red Mashine IPA and Knightberg Oatmeal Stout, Danish Mikkeller Brian, Dutch De Molen Tsarina Espa and more.

Champagne Sparkling Dog

Sparkling Dog champagne opened at the Flacon design factory. The owners of the establishment spoke about this around Life: ex-MTV host Ivan Vasiliev, as well as Ekaterina Kharchenko and Elena Snezhko, who previously worked in the advertising industry. In the name of the institution, its owners combined sparkling wine ("sparkling wine") and hot dog ("hot dog"). Accordingly, Sparkling Dog serves different types of hot dogs and pours sparkling wines.

The chef of champagne is Elena Kashubskaya, who used to work in advertising, and then became interested in gastronomy, namely, she was engaged in the culinary project "Just some kind of holiday." The menu includes classic hot dogs, for example, “New York” with mustard sauce and sauerkraut, “Chicago” with pickles, Sparkling Chicken Dog with chicken sausage (all for 250 rubles), as well as a hot dog with ginger mayonnaise and cucumber salad with sesame dressing. In addition, the institution makes vegan, vegetarian and seasonal hot dogs. The filling of the latter will be constantly changing. Now, for example, they are cooked with a Bavarian bun and fillet of Baltic sprats.

As for drinks, while the menu has included about 12 items of sparkling wines, such as French, Spanish and Italian. And in the future, Georgian and Crimean will appear. Prices for a glass start at 150 rubles, and for a bottle - from 800 rubles. According to the owners, in Sparkling Dog you can take "champagne takeaway" by analogy with takeaway coffee, however, this service is available only to the inhabitants of the Flacon design factory.

Cafe "Peony"

In the cinema "Pioneer" after the reconstruction, an updated cafe "Pion" was opened. Anatoly Filatov, who previously worked at the Boulevard, Prado Cafe and Maison Vatel restaurants, as well as at the Leps Bar club, remained the chef. The institution still occupies two floors with a total area of ​​170 square meters, but so far only one of them is working, the second, designed for 61 guests. Here they put new furniture, changed the lighting and added to the menu.

Some of the previous dishes were left, while adding a few new ones. For example, halibut with mint and pepper sauce, ravioli with green peas and bacon, angus beef tartare with vegetable chips and a lamb saddle with sage and potato gratin.

And on the ground floor today, April 24, at 19:00 a bistro will open, where they promise to cook dishes very quickly, literally within ten minutes. Menus for this part of the institution were developed separately. Bruschettas with tomatoes, olives and arugula, as well as soft cheese, artichokes and baked pepper, falafel with hummus, spring rolls with shrimp and vegetables or chicken and vegetables, as well as desserts will feed here; Prices start at 330 rubles.

Noodle "Walker"

On the food court of the Mosaic shopping center on Kozhukhovskaya Street, a cafe for the noodle shop Vokker has opened. The menus and prices here are the same as in other noodle networks.

Earlier it became known that the company "Walker" has reduced prices for all menu items. Now the price of wok (i.e. noodles or rice with additives) starts at 200 rubles. For example, a serving of turkey, chicken or pork now costs 250 rubles compared to the previous 315 rubles, and the most expensive noodles, with shrimp, will cost 325 rubles (the previous price was about 400 rubles).

The network also made changes in the composition of its dishes: abandoned frozen vegetables and revised the recipe for sauces. In addition, in the future the network plans to increase the number of franchises to 90% of the total number of all Vokker cafes.

Burger Machos Burgers

In the Izvestia building on Tverskaya Street this Sunday, April 26, the Burgos Machos Burgers will open. Next to it, five more projects will soon begin work, one of which is Cezve Coffee, where Turkish coffee will be prepared.

As for the burger, the cuisine in it will be managed by Igor Korotchenkov, who in the past worked in the Black Market American restaurant on Frunzenskaya. On the menu, in addition to the burgers themselves (from 250 to 300 rubles apiece), there are double-fried fries with different sauces, as well as grilled corn with parmesan sauce. Menus plan to periodically update.

The Bagel Bar Coffee Shop

On Sadovnicheskaya Naberezhnaya, the first coffee shop of The Bagel Bar international network opened in Moscow and is designed for 38 guests. The menu is based on bagels that are prepared on site. Their price depends on the filling: for example, bagels with breaded chicken or roast beef cost 250 rubles. And for a bagel with salmon or goat cheese, they will take 275 rubles. There are 16 types of fillings in the menu. As they say in the cafe, bagels are prepared at the guest right after ordering.

In addition, The Bagel Bar's menu includes baked potatoes with various additives, panini and focaccia, as well as soups and salads.

Coffee shop Double B

At the Danilovskaya Manufactory business center, a Double B coffee shop has opened for 12 seats. The menus and prices here are the same as in other coffee houses of the network. For example, black coffee costs 150 rubles, cappuccino and ice latte - 200 rubles, drinks with milk - 250 rubles, and original drinks developed by the chef-barista network - 350 rubles. Among the latter are lavender raff, latte sage, latte basil and latte creme brulee.

Photo: Laflafel, Olya Eichenbaum, Machos Burgers,

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