From pancake lasagna to Yemeni malauah: Where to look for unusual pancakes on Shrovetide

Pancake week has begun: many Petersburg restaurants and cafes (including those that have nothing to do with Russian cuisine) enter pancakes on the menu. Mostly classic - with sour cream, condensed milk, jam, caviar, but not only. Some decided to experiment and offer very unusual options for fillings and serving. Life around talks about the most interesting positions.


Address: Voznesensky ave., 6

Phone: +7 (812) 418-20-60


Beetroot pancakes with herring mincemeat - 350 rubles

Pancake lasagna "Four Cheeses" - 310 rubles

Traditionally, Maslenitsa is celebrated on a grand scale in the KoKoKo restaurant. Brand chef Igor Grishechkin prepared four special dishes at once, each of which is unusual in its own way. There are beetroot pancakes stuffed with mincemeat stuffed with egg and apple, which is complemented by beetroot balsamic and dill oil (350 rubles), there are lasagna pancakes with bechamel sauce and three cheeses - rocforti, camembert and maasdam - which the waiter serves with smoked fondue when serving Suluguni (310 rubles). Of the more familiar options: pancakes with stew from homemade chicken stew with smoked sour cream, as well as hot pancakes stewed in caramel syrup with raisins, dried apricots and prunes, served with sour cream ice cream and salted caramel.

Smoke bbq

Address: st. Rubinstein, 11

Phone: + 7 (812) 905-53-72


Pancakes with a brisket and red beans - 990 rubles

St. Petersburg pioneers of Texas cuisine - Smoke BBQ restaurant on Rubinstein Street - even had a special Pancake Day menu in American style. All week there will be served a set with pancakes and the main specialty of the restaurant - a brisket (990 rubles). Set is designed for a small company: in addition to meat and pancakes, it includes red beans and three sauces. For those who don’t eat meat, there is an alternative: Pesketarians will benefit from pancakes with salmon and butter cream (550 rubles), and vegetarians will use classic pancakes with caramel syrup and berries (450 rubles).


Address: st. Rubinstein, 40/11

Phone: +7 (812) 926-43-42


Malauah - 190 rubles

The Bekitser team, still the most popular gastro-project with Israeli street food in the city, does not celebrate Shrovetide. But in a good way, just this week, Malauah is introduced on the menu - Yemeni pancake from puff pastry, popular both in the homeland of the recipe and in Israel. It will be served with an egg, mashed tomatoes, spicy sauce of shag and Middle Eastern soft cheese Labane (190 rubles). An alternative version of the dish this week will be available at the cafe in New Holland.


Address: Potemkinskaya St., 4

Phone: +7 (812) 415-40-40


Spinach pancakes with salmon, cream cheese, tobiko caviar and cucumber sauce - 650 rubles

Pancakes with oxtails, tom yam paste and red cabbage mousse - 520 rubles

Unusual pancakes are cooked all week in the meat restaurant "Block", which belongs to the Moscow restaurateur Alexander Rappoport. Classic pancakes with red caviar are complemented with cream of fermented baked milk (450 rubles), vermouth (250 rubles) is added to sweet creamy berry sauce, and pancakes are made with special Stroganov’s beef and porcini mushrooms (580 rubles). And they also serve multi-colored pancakes: green - with spinach, salmon, cream cheese and tobiko caviar (650 rubles), red - with oxtail, tom yam paste, cabbage and hay from leek (520 rubles), purple - with mousse from goat cheese, beetroot chutney, apples and walnuts (480 rubles).

Mindal cafe

Address: English Embankment, 26; Lermontovsky ave., 30; ave. Chernyshevsky, 5

Phone:+7 (812) 312-32-38


Pancake bags with mushroom filling - 320 rubles

Mindal Cafe is not far behind. In all three establishments of the reputable Georgian network, Pancake pancakes are served with cute pancake khinkali - pancake bags stuffed with fried porcini mushrooms and champignons, tied with a thin feather of green onion (320 rubles). There is also a classic for conservatives: pancakes with salmon of weak salt, with red caviar, meat, and also with sweet fillings.


Address: Sinopskaya nab., 78

Phone: +7  (812) 318-07-07


Korean kimchi pancakes with beef - 480 rubles

The chef of Buddha-Bar restaurant Alexander Bugaevsky has prepared a special menu with pancakes in a Pan-Asian style, which are served in the manner of Japanese rolls. For example, there are pancakes with dried salmon and avocado (950 rubles), pancakes with red caviar and eel (950 rubles), and also, perhaps, the most unusual - Korean - version with kimchi and beef.


Address: st. Shipbuilders, 14

Phone:+7  (812) 640-16-16


Pancakes with veal cheeks - 380 rubles

Pancakes with king crab and hollandese sauce - 550 rubles

The large 24-hour Maimun restaurant on Vasilievsky Island, owned by the Ginza Project, approached the celebration of Shrovetide especially responsibly. Firstly, they prepared a festive menu of 15 items: there are classic pancakes with butter, jam, condensed milk, cottage cheese and potatoes, as well as author's options: for example, pancakes with calf cheeks in demiglasy sauce (380 rubles) or with king crab, salad and hollandaise sauce (550 rubles). Secondly, they also thought about the social mission of the holiday: part of the proceeds from the sale of pancakes will go to charity.


Address: Degtyarnaya St., 1A

Phone:  +7 (812) 941-17-44


Pancake cake with chocolate mousse - 340 rubles

Rye pancakes with smoked cod and potatoes - 380 rubles

A large selection of pancakes is offered during Pancake Week at the Banshchiki restaurant. The fillings are very different: caviar, homemade jam, six types of Abkhazian honey, cottage cheese, potatoes, oyster mushrooms and homemade ham. In addition, here you can try pancakes made from rye flour, served with smoked cod and potatoes (380 rubles), and for sweet tooth on the menu throughout the week - pancake cake with chocolate mousse (340 rubles).

Burger & crab

Address: st. Rubinstein, 40/11

Phone: +7 (812) 906-24-06


Pancakes with crab - 420 rubles

The restaurant Burger & Crab on Rubinstein does not depart from their basic concept: they will serve special author's pancakes stuffed with crab cheese with strachatella cheese, nori seaweed and Baku tomato mousse (420 rubles) all week. In the case of desserts, however, an exception was made: on the occasion of the holiday, they offer vegetarian pancakes from bananas and pancakes with hot chocolate and blueberries.

Watch the video: Pancakes! British VS American for Shrove Tuesday (January 2020).

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