In "Aviapark" opened a store of farm products SeasonMarket

On the ground floor of the Aviapark shopping center, opposite the entrance to Auchan, a SeasonMarket farm products store has opened. This was around Life around representatives of the site.

Before the store opened, SeasonMarket products could only be bought in the online store of the same name. The store’s suppliers are mainly Russian farms and manufacturers from Kostroma, Krasnodar, Susanin and Galich. There are also small lines of Sicilian groceries from Abkhazia. In addition, the store has its own culinary department.

In SeasonMarket you can find barbecue meat (450-640 rubles), sausages for frying (440-650 rubles), prepared grilled poultry (360-530 rubles), meat for barbecue (310-415 rubles), chicken (310-570 rubles ), quail (210 rubles), eggs (125-160 rubles), foie gras (550 rubles), goose breast carpaccio (490 rubles), cottage cheese (150-590 rubles), yogurt (95-110 rubles), products from goat milk (100-2 900 rubles), cheeses (190-2 900 rubles). There is also bread (55-190 rubles) and sweet pastries (60-160 rubles).


Address:10 Aviakonstruktor Mikoyan street,
Shopping center "Aviapark", 1st floor

Working hours:
Mon - Fri: from 10:00 to 22:00, Sat - sun.: from 10:00 to 23:00


Tel .: +7 (495) 215-51-44

SeasonMarket plans to open a large fish department at Aviapark, where Siberian fish - muksun, omul, wild salmon - and seafood will be presented. The team also wants to make a small showcase of Italian farm products, a grocery department with herbal teas, honey, marmalade, coffee and pastille, a cart with vegetables and fruits, as well as a small corner with home goods.

Online store farm products launched in 2013 by the couple Sergey and Lidia Melnik.

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