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Bill Gates on banks, Sergey Guriev on the crisis and Mikhail Baryshnikov in clothing advertising

Every Sunday, Life around collects the most interesting materials of the week on the Russian and foreign Internet for those who do not have time to read on weekdays. In this issue, there are chronicles of the Russian television viewing, an investigation devoted to the Moscow drug market, and an interview with Andrei Konchalovsky on the ways of Russia.

How the Moscow drug market works

A large “Yoda” investigation dedicated to illicit substances in Moscow: who uses them, who sells and who tries to fight them.

Chronicles of Russian television

Television columnist Arina Borodina on Slon.ru tells how domestic TV changed from 2004 to 2014: which genres were most in demand, what TV series watched and why the Vremya program was a stunning success.

What happened to the commuter trains

A special project on the recent abolition of suburban services in over twenty regions of Russia. How open people live in the Vologda and Pskov regions, whether Putin’s promises will help them, and what Russian Railways plans to do, Open Russia finds out.

Who is Viktor Zolotov and what does he own

Novaya Gazeta is studying the figure of the former head of the security service, Vladimir Putin, who owns real estate worth hundreds of millions of rubles and a plot of 4.5 thousand square meters in walking distance from the official residence of the President of Russia.

Bill Gates on the Internet Banking Revolution

The Verge asked the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, to become a guest editor in February. In the first text, the eminent editor explains how mobile banks will change our lives in the coming years, and in the next years he will talk about the upcoming changes in education, healthcare and agriculture.

New interview with Sergey Guriev

“Most Russians don’t even suspect in what vacuum of lies and manipulations they live. It’s quite possible that the consequences of this fooling will still affect them in the future,” the well-known economist Sergey Guriev is again building possible economic scenarios and predicting life in Russia, this time for Colta.ru.

Andrei Konchalovsky on the Russian cultural code

An ambiguous but entertaining interview with the director of the Dozhd television channel about the tsars, Russian dense, religious feelings, and White Nights of the Postman Tryapitsyn.

Alexander Baunov - about what Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande did in Moscow

Colonist Slon.ru analyzes the extraordinary negotiations of the leaders of France and Germany, first with the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and then with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, which began on Thursday and so far has not ended with anything.

How it works: Congressman

An interesting text for those interested in the American political system and watching the series "House of Cards": a member of Congress anonymously tells The Vox nine facts about his work.

Mikhail Baryshnikov dancing in a clothing advertisement

The American clothing brand Rag & Bone this week published a mini-film in which the outstanding dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov starred. In the video, which should replace the traditional show of the autumn-winter collection, Baryshnikov dances with the young Los Angeles artist Charles Rayleigh, also known as Lil 'Buck. In January, the famous ballet master turned 67 years old.

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