What to do in Moscow in the evening of July 7

On Thursday evening, July 7, several exhibitions, lectures and sporting events will be held in Moscow. Life around tells you what to do in the city after work.


Noize MC's Hip-Hopera

What: Rap musical from Russian freestylers (Noize MC, KotZilla, Oleg Gruz, ST, Dunya, RE-pac), offering a new version of the reading of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Where: highway Enthusiasts, house 5

Time: 19:00

How much is: by registration


What: The first live performance of the Russian shugaise group Pinkshinyultrablast for the year.

Where: "Horizon"

Time: 20:00

How much is: 600 rubles


"Like-minded people"

What: An inclusive project, which was attended by people with different disabilities, reveals the perception of works of art by visitors with different physical abilities.

Where: Museum of Modern Art "Garage"

Time: 11:00-22:00

How much is: Free admission

"Start over! Porcelain by Galina Dulkina"

What: Exhibition of works by sculptor-porcelain Galina Dulkina, developing new formats of modern cubism in applied art.

Where:Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Time: 19:00

How much is: Free admission


"Sculpture & / VS Architecture"

What: Lecture by architect Anastasia Fomina on the similarities and differences of sculptural and architectural approaches to art.

Where: creative space "Symbol"

Time: 19:00

How much is: admission is free, registration is required


"Tropical Mixology"

What: Tiki-bar style evening with Italian mixologist Daniel Dalla Paul and DJ sets on the veranda of the Fahrenheit restaurant

Where: Fahrenheit

Time: 19:00

How much is: Free admission

Watch the video: A Special Evening with Ann Coulter 71615 (January 2020).

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