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Hiking in the suburbs

"Campaign here"

Photo: Hike here

Officially, Campaign Here started in March this year, before that the spouses Anna and Aleksey Lensky worked as instructors in other companies, and also acted as instigators and hiking with friends: they chose routes, searched for transport, planned meals, gathered and coordinated.

The Campaign Here programs are designed for those who do not have much field experience. Participants only need to pack a backpack according to the list on the website and come to the gathering place. They are provided with all the equipment, first aid kit, route, transfer and instructor.

Now the company has several summer and winter destinations. Winter hiking - skiing and hiking, plus winter fishing. Summer is hiking and cycling, rafting, camping, fishing, various types of family trips with children, corporate trips. Campaigns are announced every weekend; the company alternates several different trips. Water trips have already been implemented - rafting on the Medveditsa River and the Volga River. For such an alloy, which is held in a weekend format, the participants are offered to pay 6 thousand rubles. Cycling in the suburbs will cost half as much - 2,500 rubles.

“In our opinion, people are increasingly looking for a new type of vacation, prefer active recreation, searching for new adventures and experiences,” says Anna Lenskaya. “Many are tired of Turkey and Egypt, from barbecue in the country or just sitting at the weekend.” But, according to the founder, the groups are still not recruiting very quickly - "at the start it’s a little tough with advertising." Attract customers with stocks. For example, those who bring five friends with them can expect a 50% discount for themselves. The instructor’s past also helps: some already familiar groups go out on Campaign Here, and several corporate trips are already planned for July.

Game camp for children

"Gold of the White Sea"

Photo: Gold of the White Sea

Since 2002, Denis Orlov conducts thematic trips for children. Programs are held in Karelia, on the islands of the White Sea. The nearest village - the village of Chkalovsky - 20 kilometers.

This summer the company plans four programs: Vikings, Treasures of the White Sea, Rome: Northern Legion and Legend of the White Sea. Each shift lasts no more than two weeks. During this time, they conduct tourist and sea training, as well as game battles with the guys, take them on hikes around the islands, and go out to sea with them in boats. All participants are given stylized clothes, and before the start of the trip everyone chooses a new name for himself. So, according to the company, the child will be able to try himself in a new role and look at himself in a new way. The minimum age of children is 11 years, and groups recruit up to 36 people. Last summer, 150 children went camping, and in total the company organized 31 shifts. Now the price of trips on average is 47 thousand rubles.


"Adventure Club"


The club brings together instructors from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. Despite the fact that the company organizes not only summer trips, but also winter trips, most of the trips are carried out from May to October. One of the most popular destinations is a ten-day trek with an ascent to Elbrus. Of these, seven days will be spent on acclimatization, and three - on getting to the top. For him, the tourist will need to pay a little less than 30 thousand rubles. The price does not include tickets to the Minvod, insurance, personal equipment and additional excursions.

The company also organizes trips to the mountains of Crimea, Altai, Khibiny and Lovozero, trips to Lake Baikal, Kamchatka, rafting on catamarans in Karelia, boat trips on Lake Ladoga (Pella Fiord boats and kayaks), trekking in the Kenozersky Reserve of the Arkhangelsk Region .


Club "Wanderer"


Nikolai Khoruzhenko founded the club nine years ago. Now the company leads hiking not only in Russia, but also abroad. Combined trips are very popular when hiking and crossings are combined with rafting along mountain rivers.

For example, a 12-day tour of the Multi Islands in Altai includes three days of rafting. Such a trip will cost the tourist almost 33 thousand rubles. The price does not include a ticket to Barnaul - this is the starting point of the group. You will have to pay for your trip to the bathhouse and some food expenses. The group recruits no more than 14 people. Special preparation for the trip is not necessary, but the tourist must be in good physical shape.

Cycling in Karelia

"Russian club cycling"


The international bicycle tour in Karelia lasts seven days. Travelers start from Petrozavodsk and complete the tour in Sortavala on Lake Ladoga. Then the group travels to St. Petersburg. The company says that asphalt roads and a small number of cars make the trip comfortable. You will not have to spend the night in tents either: all nights will be spent in hotels. Since the tour is international, knowledge of the English language will not hurt: members of the group can be from different countries.

For such a trip, the club asks for a contribution of 40 thousand rubles, there is a small discount for club members - 10%. The price of the tour does not include bicycle rental (5 thousand rubles) and surcharge for single occupancy - 10 thousand rubles.


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