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Zero Theorem, Once Upon a Time, Macho
and nerd - 2 "

Zero Theorem

The zero theorem

PRODUCER: Terry Gilliam

CAST: Christoph Waltz, Melanie Thierry, Lucas Hedges,
Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, Ben Wishaw, Gwendoline Christie


The mysterious future. In a former church, surrounded by stained glass windows and crucifixes, a naked bald man hunched over a computer. This is Cohen. He is a programmer, and he has a lot of work: he needs to calculate entities in order to prove an extremely important theorem on the inevitability of the end of the whole world in a black hole. At the same time, Cohen is most concerned about something essentially opposite - he is waiting for a phone call from a stranger who will tell him what the meaning of life is. The theorem does not work out, the phone rings out of place, Cohen is plunged into despair. But soon, to the aid of Cohen, even against his will, a certain beauty with the manners of a high-class prostitute and a 15-year-old teenager will come.

What do we get:

Terry Gilliam explained that he is closing the “dystopian trilogy” with “Theorem”, which already includes “Brazil” and “12 monkeys”. It closes spectacularly - it shaves bald Christoph Waltz, unrecognizably changes Matt Damon and Tilda Swinton, practically opens the viewer with a charming sex bomb Melanie Thierry and 15-year-old Lucas Hedges, who was previously remembered for his small role in the Kingdom of the Full Moon. Gilliam once again invents a new fantastic world, thinking through and almost manually creating all its details - from crazy costumes to huge cars. At the same time, the “end of the trilogy” does not at all mean that now we will all be dotted with “i” - Gilliam will easily leave the viewer with even more questions than at the start.

"Once in a lifetime"

Begin again

PRODUCER: John carney

CAST: Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo,
Hayley Steinfeld, Katherine Keener, Adam Levine


In the New York bar, there are two loneliness - the drunken founder of the record label and a beautiful brooch with a funny bite shattered. She purrs from the scene a sad song about loneliness in a big city, and he immediately understands that in front of him is a new big name in music. Together they undertake to record a three-track album, without a studio, right on the streets of New York, and at the same time help each other to arrange their lives (no, they do not sleep with each other).

What do we get:

Keira Knightley is still able to surprise the viewer - for example, with pleasant vocals. And she really sings for the film almost on the album. The tape can not be missed by fans of the Maroon 5 group: its soloist Adam Levin not only plays one of the main roles - the heroine’s guy, who vilely twisted the other, but also performs three new songs.

In 2007, the film directed by John Carney “Once” won an Oscar for best song and a Grammy nomination for soundtrack. “At least once in a lifetime” is confidently pursuing the same course. In some places, the story looks quite unpretentious and takes fake notes a couple of times, but everything is in order with the music. As in porn tapes, the plot here is not the main thing, it somehow exists from song to song. And we do not mind - if the songs were good.

"Macho and nerd - 2"

22 Jump Street

DIRECTORS: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

CAST: Channing Tatum, John Hill,
Peter Stormare, Ice Cube


The comic duet of the police: a dumb superman and an excellent fat man in the last series successfully covered the drug trafficking network at school, pretending to be high school students. This time they go to college, and, in addition to uncovering a new drug network, they have to repeatedly expose themselves to be round idiots and pass a serious test for their relationship.

What do we get:

The authors continue to play very successfully on their trump card: “Macho and Nerd” is not only an action comedy, but also a brilliant parody of a romantic movie in which Channing Tatum and John Hill bring the other viewer to tears, inspiringly depicting a couple in love (no they do not sleep with each other). This is generally a very correct sequel - the creators have enough talent to understand which elements from the previous series should be transferred to the second, or even strengthen, and which ones to leave in the first. They have enough sense of humor to laugh at the sequels, the genre of police comedy and the very idea of ​​"Macho and Nerd", and it’s just obviously good to have fun during the filming.

Also started:

Dream League

To the World Cup - French historical tape
about creating FIFA.

"One meeting"

Another romantic romance
with Sophie Marceau - about the love of a free woman and a not free man.

"Walkingin the sunlight "

A sickly joyful fake under
Mamma Mia with second-tier actors rehashing 80s hits.

Watch the video: Incels. ContraPoints (January 2020).

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