Storyboard: 6 shops and shops with comics in St. Petersburg

Finding a specialized comic shop in St. Petersburg, as in The Big Bang Theory, where superheroes watch from all walls, is not so simple. Things are better with Japanese manga, which was super popular a few years ago, but the fashion for it is gradually coming to naught. Life around walked around 6 stores and comic bookers and found out where ladies in armored swimsuits, Little Nimo Winsor Mackay and Moomins Tove Jansson should go.


The first floor of the building of the creative space "Weavers", emb. Bypass channel, 60
Tel .: +7 (981) 702-02-28


The store, recently opened in Weavers, today offers the widest selection of comics in St. Petersburg. In addition to graphic novels, children also sell books for adults and children. "28th" appeared two years ago, and its owners sold only the books of their publishing house, Comilfo. Now their collection is actively expanding and at least 10-15 fresh editions appear in a month. They rely on new stories and not yet well-known artists and characters. As in any full-fledged comic book store, here you can find collectible figures and other geek paraphernalia.

English-language comics are brought from eight publishers in Europe and America. On the shelves periodically appear and expensive albums and hand-drawn short stories with excellent printing, and the original singles Marvel and DC 60-70s. Owners say that sometimes you can stumble upon completely unique pieces like the anniversary 500th issue of Batman or the sealed collectible Spider-Man. Russian-language hand-drawn stories are widely represented.


Creative director


Once, a party came to us, and there were a lot of comics about the superhero unknown to anyone - Badger. I had to read a lot about him. It turned out he had a very rich history. It was published in four different publishing houses in America and was never popular anywhere. As a result, we sold out almost all of Badger. They popularized him and let him go to the masses.

DC Comics - The New 52 - 7,200 rubles; Deadpool - 890 rubles; Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - 980 rubles; The Incredible Hulk - 200 rubles; Flash - 200 rubles


Book Fair
in the Palace of Culture. Krupskaya,

Ave Obukhov defense, 105,
Small Hall
VK page


A small comic bookstore operates on the basis of a recreation center named after Krupskaya since October 2011. A full-fledged department at a book fair has grown from a community on a social network. The creation of the store of its owners was prompted by the desire to collect in one place a series of books of the Marvel studio translated into Russian, translated into Russian. Serious bookstores, as a rule, were not interested in such publications.

300 rubles

Orange also specializes in Russian-language graphic novels, and store owners are proud of the full selection of books by the Moscow publishing house Comics and children's versions of graphic novels - in large format, with quality printing and colorful drawings. A lot of original comic books by American publishers in English, and the counter is full of superheroes. Sellers respond with tenderness about their regular visitors. They say that they know everyone not only by sight, but also by their last names.




To say that I am an ardent fan of this genre will be dishonest. I respect him. But becoming a seller of comics turned out rather by accident. Now I understand that it is very difficult for fans to find something interesting for themselves, I study their demand, often we take some publications for a specific order.

The Underwater Welder - 1,100 rubles; Master and Margarita - 250 rubles; “V means vendetta” - 2,400 rubles; “Spider-Man” - 150 rubles; “Captain America” - 220 rubles

"Dickens and Twice Two"

Book Fair
in the Palace of Culture. Krupskaya,

Ave Obukhov defense, 105,
2nd floor, place 87
Tue-Sun: 11: 30-18: 00
Tel .: +7 (911) 938-33-39


Another shop on the territory of the book market named after Krupskaya. "Dickens" has existed since July 2009 and therefore proudly considers itself the first permanent point in the city, seriously taking up the theme of drawn stories. It is quite difficult to find stories about superheroes in Russian here: there are only a few English-language retro-singles and small books. The store refused to sell the reprinted Marvel comics in Russia, judging that the niche was already occupied by the neighboring Orange. Instead, Dickens focused on Russian, European and American comics without the participation of superheroes. On the shelves are almanacs and collections of most Russian graphic novel festivals, as well as small circulations of independent artists who decided to release their book. One way or another, the local comic book more closely resembles a generously illustrated book. However, the Krupa conservative audience likes this, and people often crowd around the counter.

"Rabbi Cat" - 210 rubles

Behind the counter "Dickens and Twice Two" there is always a person who knows everything about each of the books. He can tell not only a brief summary, but also the history of writing and what obstacles the novella has overcome on the way to its reader.




We were the first to rush this audience. They became almost the first constantly functioning place where you could come and find comics. Then there were few comics. I remember there was a "Hare of the Human Rights Center", there was Oleg Tischenkov, the famous "Full yet." Then somehow it began, it began, and there was a boom when the Sandman by Neil Gaiman came out. Qualitatively, beautifully, in a dust jacket, the paper is gorgeous. And when the Scott Pilgrim came out. It seemed to everyone: "Aaaaaa! Everything, and now it has begun!" And now again there is nothing. Some kind of mild depression and stagnation.

“Scott Pilgrim”, volume 2 - 110 rubles “Republic of comics” - 200 rubles “Moomins” - 670 rubles “Two” - 350 rubles “Hare PC” - 240 rubles

Utopia showroom

Kazanskaya St., 7
+7 (911) 911-46-61
VK page
Facebook Page


The store was opened in April this year by two friends passionate about street fashion. The room is filled with new or found in second-hand clothes in Scandinavia clothes, and the owners call their project a hobby, but not business. Almost from the first day, on a wide windowsill, next to a rare vinyl and large illustrated albums, there is a yellow box with very unusual vintage comics. The owners of the showroom themselves find it difficult to characterize the books presented there. The unique style, “black” content, wild humor on the verge - all this, oddly enough, perfectly complements the relaxed atmosphere of the store.

Weirdo - 250 rubles

Most comics are underground American editions. But they came here from Finland: after the closing of the Cash bookstore in Tampere, its owner packed the unsold goods in two parcels and sent them to friends in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Today, Utopia replenishes its stocks of graphic novels with friends in the Moscow online store Chaos, Inc. The showroom does not advertise the presence of comics. But, as the owners admit, it is more likely from laziness.





We wanted to not only sell clothes, we wanted to create a store, maybe not a street, but a youth culture. Small underground space. So that he includes clothes, and music, and some reading. And since there is not much space, comics huddle on the window.

Human Diastrophism - 800 rubles The Complete Crumb - 850 rubles It's a Dog's Life - 250 rubles Image of the Beast - 250 rubles Weirdo - 250 rubles

Fast anime

Moskovsky pr., 20

Tel .: +7 (812) 490-24-64


This store specializes in Japanese manga and anime comics, but due to some inconsistency of owners, it also has Western publications. Fast Anime was opened in the early 2000s, and in 2007, he moved to his current premises on Moskovsky Prospekt, not far from Fontanka. And around the same period, the first comics not related to Japan began to appear in the shop.

Epsilon - 200 rubles

Now there are a lot of Russian issues on sale - books by the independent Yekaterinburg Factory of Comics, which recently stopped its cooperation with the publishing house AST, as well as the St. Petersburg company White Unicorn, which launched comics on the Russian market for one of the largest independent US publishing houses - Dark Horse. You can also find popular books on the Web with the M5 Studio logo, and Italian comics published by Green Cat that have become rare. Of particular note are the graphic novels of the publishing house ChB and Evgenios, which prints comics of Ukrainian and Russian authors with microscopic runs. The store sells books only in Russian.



Executive Director


For comics, different people come to us. Often these are students. Those who grew up on cartoons about Spider-Man and the like. But sometimes people over 30 come in. Adults and successful people who know what they are looking for.

Epsilon - 200 rubles “Dam you” - 850 rubles Orange Life - 240 rubles “Invented stories” - 240 rubles “Maxim Osa” - 450 rubles

Cafe Zoom

Gorokhovaya street, 22

Mon-Fri: 09: 00-24: 00;
Sat: 11: 00-24: 00; Sun: 13: 00-24: 00
+7 (812) 612-13-29


In a small glass cabinet at the entrance to the cafe - a fairly high-quality selection of graphic novels of several Russian publishers. Six years ago, Zoom featured periodicals and poetry collections in addition to literary evenings held during that period. Later these events were abandoned, and the owners of the cafe made friends with Dima Yakovlev, the organizer of the Boomfest festival of drawn stories. It was he who proposed to put on comics, materials and catalogs for the festival in Zoom. In recent years, the cafe has even acted as a parallel platform for Boomfest.

Kvass - 120 rubles

In the summer of this year, Zoom began cooperation with the publishing house "Comme il faut", and due to this, the range of comics has expanded significantly. Now almost all the graphic products presented here are Russian-speaking. But due to the large number of tourists, the administration is increasingly thinking about replenishing the window with painted stories in foreign languages. While they can be found only in a small library at the cafe, which operates in the reading room.


Art Director


In the selection of the assortment, we unconditionally trust Dima Yakovlev, since the cafe has already been akin to him and he will not advise anything bad. And from the books of the publishing house "Comme il faut" we choose for ourselves what does not contradict the mood and format of Zoom.
To some artists and illustrators who are exhibited with us, we help to produce books and postcards. And some of them are not found elsewhere.

“Kvass” - 120 rubles “Forbidden art” - 200 rubles “Napoleon is always happy” - 200 rubles “Collection of hand-drawn stories CPC No. 4” - 100 rubles “Nightmare in Petersburg” - 100 rubles

Where else can I search for comics
In Petersburg

"Everybody's Free"

Nab. Sinks, 28, second yard (gate code 482)
Opening hours: 12: 00-22: 00, Tel .: +7 (911) 977-40-47


Ligovsky prospect, 74, courtyard "Loft Project Floors"
Opening hours: 12: 00-22: 00, Tel .: +7 (812) 715-33-07


Zagorodny Prospect, 14, entrance to the arch
Opening hours: 12: 00-21: 00, Tel .: +7 (812) 315-42-10

"Book House"

Nevsky Prospect, 28
Opening hours: 09: 00-24: 00, Tel .: +7 (812) 448-23-55

Anime point

Nevsky Prospekt 34, entrance from the yard
Opening hours: 12: 00-20: 00, Tel .: +7 (931) 210-23-75

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