What to ride a bike in spring

The beginning of spring is the best time to change from public transport to a bicycle. Someone might be confused by slush and cool weather, but mudguards that reliably cover the wheels can easily save from the first, and thermal underwear and several layers of clothing will help from wind and weather. The main thing is to try to choose clothes made from natural fabrics and not to wear anything that restricts movement. A roomy backpack over your shoulders will help free your hands and not be distracted from the road.

Life around went shopping and gathered up a male and female set of suitable things, and at the same time turned for advice to someone who had already opened the bicycle season.


and amateur cyclist

Spring this year pleases us with an early visit, and therefore I want to open the bicycle season right here and now. At the same time, do not forget that spring is not summer and in the evening or even just in the shade it is cool. The choice of clothes is always a problem, but you can not waste time in vain, but just ride and enjoy the spring and the sun.

Mostly the choice of clothes depends on how and on what you ride. If you have a simple city bike, then you can generally not think for a long time what to wear. Just don’t forget about the scarf and gloves with a hat. If you are driving on a fix or on a highway, then you already know that things that do not hamper movements are better suited.

If it’s still cold outside, but you don’t have the strength to ride, then wear thermal underwear, you can buy it at any sports store. Again, do not go deep into the study of technologies and materials, because a city is not mountains and rivers; even if you sweat a bit, then perhaps this is not so bad: throw a couple of kilos after hibernation!

In any case, thermal underwear is sharpened to remove heat and excess moisture, so it’s better to wear something from breathing materials on top, this will allow moisture to not accumulate between the layers of clothing. Have fun walks, and do not forget to look around: motorists do not doze off and also enjoy spring.

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PHOTO: Egor Vasiliev

Watch the video: Spring is Coming, Go Ride Your Bike! (January 2020).

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