Off-year: How long does it take for a business to work

Konstantin KOPYLTSOV

Founder of Polonium Arts, three years

In the past, creating a number of projects in the music field, I fixed for myself three main tasks.

Set a goal and timeline - what we want to achieve from the project and for what period.

Assemble a teamable to solve the tasks assigned to it.

Predict Risks and various project behavior scenarios.

In order to receive a large order or do something of your own, you need to have good experience and great competence. In 2011, the mobile development market was just emerging, we began to offer our services to small and medium-sized companies - to create projects with a small budget and minimal risks. In 90% they worked at "zero" and even at a loss.

A year later, we implemented a dozen projects and started working with startups and retail. The second year brought the company significant profit, the studio reached self-sufficiency and constant income of 700,000-800,000 rubles.

In the third year, a rethinking of the strategy came
company development

Instead of a remote development team from different cities, a new one was formed, we opened an office in Bryansk, bought furniture, equipment for employees, developed training programs, devices for testing products. There came a time when it became boring to deal only with mobile phones, and we expanded the staff at the expense of server developers to provide a complete development cycle.

In the third year, a rethinking of the company's development strategy came. It was possible to spend the surplus “on ourselves,” but we decided to invest in projects. So two new e-commerce businesses were born - Payler and Billingrad.

The first year the company worked at a loss, the second - on payback and profit, the third - on the launch of new projects. I know that two years will pass and these projects will bring even greater benefits and profits. Then we will find new directions, we will set new goals, assemble teams and predict risks and scenarios.


Founder of Barcelona Design, three years

Two years ago, I opened a company selling designer furniture, lamps and other interior items from Spain and Portugal. We reached the payback in six months. Recently opened a show room in the center of Moscow and the online store of the same name. Permanent profit is 500 000 rubles, which are still invested in the development of the company. During this time, much has changed in business, many people had to leave, a number of things - completely redone.

I highlight the following stages of business development.

Infrastructure and base for business.This can be an office rental, the creation of an online store, the conclusion of contracts with suppliers. No need to think that you can only earn after creating the perfect infrastructure. I made the first seven transactions for a total of 2 million rubles when I had nothing.

A close-knit team is the key to success. But there must be one leader who makes the final decision and bears all responsibility. You need to surround yourself with angels - like-minded people who will help develop your business.

Work 24 hours a day.You need to burn your work, live it. To get up every day in order to develop a business, and you need to enjoy it.

The creation of infrastructure needs to be laid from three to six months. And up to three years - for business development and continuous reinvestment of funds. If you start pulling money earlier, development will stop.

Vladimir ZAIKIN

Founder of Bringster, three years

A successful project directly depends on the timeliness of the idea, the professionalism of the team and the quality of implementation. At the same time, with experience, you begin to realize that the presence of a cool team is the main criterion for success.

A few years ago, I wanted to create a delivery supermarket - an aggregator that combines proven couriers, courier services and carriers for all occasions. I acted according to my proven scheme:

Idea → Proven team → A clear plan for monetization

Having formed a team, we proceeded to the implementation of the technical part of the project and the formation of a marketing strategy. My experience suggests that any online startup should prove its worth within the first year. I adhere to the following strategy.

The first six months from launch is growing revenue.

The first year - making a profit and reaching the breakeven point.

Second year - reinvestment and scaling.

The third year - reaching the planned level of project capitalization.


Co-founder of Winwin-kids, year

While working on startups, I learned a rule for myself: you need to clearly understand and sincerely believe in the goal of your business. The kindergarten project was ripening in my head for a very long time. As a child, I did not like going to kindergarten and school. When I gave birth to my first child, the last thing I wanted was for him to get into the same system as me.

I studied alternative systems and approaches to education and found one that logically fits into my picture of the world. When the goal and idea of ​​a business is clear and close, it’s easy to look for customers, investments and partners.

Choosing a partner is a very important stage. I was supported by a close friend who was not indifferent to the topic of raising children, although motherhood was only for her in plans. In November 2013, we rented a room and in three months we fully prepared the project for opening. Our Win-Win Kids kindergarten in the village of Rechnik, Krylatskoye, opened in February. The first customers signed a contract for six months a month before opening. Then three more families joined them. We started with four children, not counting my daughter, and now 11 children are coming to us.

hard to find books that won't have pink elephants
and hares at the wheel. And it’s important for children to put emphasis
in real life, otherwise, having met an elephant in a zoo,
2.5 year old child does not understand who it is

In March, we sold the first franchise to open the second Win-Win Kids kindergarten in the Kazakh city of Atyrau. A few days ago, they began to prepare for the opening of a kindergarten in Lobny near Moscow.

In summer, we open a corporate kindergarten for Johnson & Johnson and sign an agreement with Bayer Media. Our business scheme is very lively, we constantly supplement something, change something. By 2015, we will fully recoup the investment and will divide the profit into several areas: development, employee bonuses, charity.

Cover photo: Sam Hofman

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