Opinion: Vadim Dymov, owner of the Respublika chain of stores, on the sale of the Moscow Book House

The Moscow authorities put up for auction the only state and largest city bookstore chain "Moscow Book House", consisting of 35 universal and 6 special stores, including the House of Medical, Pedagogical, and Foreign Books. Every day these stores are visited by 70 thousand people, and the annual profit of the network is 25 million rubles. They are planning to sell Moscow House of Books in the next two years; there is no exact date yet. It is only known that at first the enterprise is privatized, then it will be evaluated and put up for auction.


Vadim Dymov
Businessman, owner of the Republic chain of stores

“It seems to me that the population generally does not need state-owned bookstores. Such stores just destroy the market: they sit on zero lease, the city receives a lot of money from it, and we have to sit at a commercial rate. At the same time, they have the same prices, sometimes even higher, but the service suffers. State-owned shops impede healthy competition. They do not have a target audience: as they were created just for Muscovites and guests of the capital, they remained the same. Today, customers need a different approach.

"The population generally has no need for state-owned bookstores. Such stores are destroying the market."

The decision to transfer the Moscow Book House into private hands, I only welcome, because this network has nothing good but location. Service in stores and the general atmosphere will change as much as the “Book House” on Novy Arbat differs from the “Republic”. In general, I dreamed of opening a bookstore there. And if I had got their premises, I would gladly have made a big “Republic” there. Perhaps now I will have such an opportunity.

The “Republic” itself is an emotionally strong project with a clearly defined concept, therefore it is difficult to compete with it. Keeping a bookstore in the center is beneficial only on one condition: if you do business, not fool around. A clear concept is one of the successful components of a business. "

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